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Greetings and Welcome! 

I'm Ember Grant, and I'm a freelance writer (but I mainly write for Llewellyn Worldwide).

Please accept my apologies for the appearance of this website. I lost my domain name and, in addition, the company that hosts this page is currently undergoing a transfer. I hope to have the situation remedied soon.

Please look for me on Facebook - I have an Author page in addition to pages for each of my books. 


Recent News

I am now selling items on Etsy at Christy's Cauldron! We sell handmade stained glass sun-catchers, professional photo print cards, stamped greeting cards, jewelry, and made-to-order aromatherapy soaps with Pagan, Celtic, and mythological designs. I even have a few copies of my books available there as well - I'll personally sign one for you! 

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